Website Changes

We are constantly looking to update our site and bring more features. Below is a list of changes to our website so you can keep updated.

  • Membership Notifications

    The system will now automatically email users where they have a membership which is about to expire. .

  • Users Homepage

    We have changed the name of some of the menus to make them clearer what they do. We have also included new validation to check if you have completed all your user settings. If you have not you will see an error on Admin Homepage that tells you what is missing.

  • Events

    Add to calendar option created for events. Clicking this will download a file to your device to allow you to import to your calendar. This brings information around the date/time, title, description and a link to the event. We also changed the events listing pages slightly..

  • Spring Show Applications

    New form to allow users to sign up to the Spring Show. The form checks if you have a membership, it then shows you purchase options based on your membership status. Once purchased the form allows you to enter the information required for the spring show.